s Powerful number plate recognition solutions from Adaptive Recognition Hungary, Inc.

About ARH Inc.

ARH Inc. develops, manufactures and sells intelligent software and devices that process images within the context of security and traffic control.

Our clients are system integration companies who construct outstanding innovative technological systems for their partners by incorporating our state-of-the-art technology.

Nowadays our satisfied partners in more than 200 countries worldwide are using the image processing know-how of ARH. Our recognition technologies can be found in every continent, and in countries ranging from Australia to Brazil, and Saudi Arabia to Korea.

We are on the market since 1991, committed to innovation, quality and reliability. All elements our business model converge to build strong partnerships with the purpose of gaining customer satisfaction. We value most the idea of supporting our partners in order for them to develop a successful business.

OEM opportunity
Our company also accepts production requests for smaller quantities which make it possible to meet your and your customer's requirements in the most flexible way. If you do not find the device that you are looking for, we are ready to modify our devices according to your needs.

We can adapt our product to your and your customer's needs. In case you can't find the right passport reader product in our range, we can offer you a tailor-made product according to your needs.

In our factory we can produce unique OEM products as well. We can offer you other color, other options, custom design and configuration. In case you need totally customised products we can help you.

Our new innovation
As a system integrator you might look for a powerful document scanner device that you can easily integrate in your passport control system. What we offer you is a professional hardware and an easy-to-use development environment (SDK). Our partners are able to develop a unique, tailor made complete passport reading system for their clients.

Our new innovation is the PRMc document scanner that represents the latest technology and design. We offer you a powerful device that combines all the benefits of our previous models. If you are interested in techical specifications, please visit the website of PRMc document scanners

For further information about our solutions, please visit our website at www.arh.hu

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